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Serving Acton, CA since 1870

Rich in History

Founded in the 1800's by gold miners, Acton gets its name from Acton, Massachusetts.  Two of the best-known gold mines located in Acton were the Red Rover Mine and the Governor Mine, which was owned by California Governor Henry T. Gage. Governor Gage had even sought to relocate the State Capital to Acton.  Of course, we all know how that ended.  Mining of gold, copper, and titanium ore continued into the early 1900's.  John F. Duerhen, the first resident of Acton, opened the original '49er Saloon in 1870 to provide refreshment to the miners and prospectors.  Duerhen's son in law Richard E. Nickels was the second Acton resident. Nickels started to develop the town and amenities in this frontier town in 1887, laying the ground work for the town Acton is today.

The '49er Saloon continues the tradition of providing refreshment to the ranching community and city folk that wander in off "the trail".   Rich in history with modern amenities (the plumbing is now inside y'all),  the '49er Saloon is a hidden gem amongst the Sierra Pelona Mountain backdrop.   Soak in the history, and come have a drink or meal with us, just as the gold miners did in the 1800's.

'49er Saloon Family

The '49er Saloon Family is excited to welcome you and make You feel like part of our family!  Enjoy the hospitality of  Shelby, Sam, Jeremy, Joanne, Larry and Cecilia.